We are “GO WEST & COME WEST!!! 3.11 Evacuees from Tokyo area”.

Radioactive Contamination from Fukushima Nuclear Disaster:
Did You Know that Tokyo Metropolitan Area is Widely Contaminated Too?

Etsuji Watanabe, one of the members of Association for Citizens and Scientists Concerned about Internal Radiation Exposures (ACSIR), estimates that each year at most 180,000 people may develop cancer and 90,000 will be killed by cancer or some other causes.

“We are “GO WEST & COME WEST!!! 3.11 Evacuees from Tokyo area”.” の続きを読む

渡辺悦司さん【福島原発事故 東京圏の放射能汚染は深刻】

福島原発事故 東京圏の放射能汚染は深刻――チェルノブイリでは避難の権利が保障されるべきレベル、最大で毎年約18万のがん発症と9万のがん・非がん死亡の増加が予測可能



“渡辺悦司さん【福島原発事故 東京圏の放射能汚染は深刻】” の続きを読む