We are “GO WEST & COME WEST!!! 3.11 Evacuees from Tokyo area”.

Radioactive Contamination from Fukushima Nuclear Disaster:
Did You Know that Tokyo Metropolitan Area is Widely Contaminated Too?

Etsuji Watanabe, one of the members of Association for Citizens and Scientists Concerned about Internal Radiation Exposures (ACSIR), estimates that each year at most 180,000 people may develop cancer and 90,000 will be killed by cancer or some other causes.

Radiation Levels in Tokyo Metropolitan Area (Year 2013~2015: µSv/hour)

Location Mar-Apr 2013 Jul-Aug 2014 Feb-Mar 2015
Tokyo Station 0.26 0.26 0.23
Narita Airport Unmeasured 0.55 0.42
Haneda Airport Unmeasured 0.19 0.31
Tsukishima Skyscrapers 0.26 0.32 0.28
Tokyo Electric Power Company (Headquarter) 0.23 0.24 0.23
Tokyo Dome 0.28 1.88 1.32
Tokyo Disney Land Unmeasured 0.63 0.41
Tokyo Skytree 0.23 0.25 0.07
Shinjyuku Central Park Unmeasured 0.23 0.2
Sea View Park Unmeasured 0.19 0.18
Ueno Park 0.29 0.79 0.33
Kasai Rinkai Park 1.52 0.24 0.22

Estimation of the risk for 10 million people in Tokyo Metropolitan area exposed by radiation (2.4mSv/year).

Data provided by Mr.Kirishima.

Cancer patients Death from Cancer Death from Other Causes Total Estimated Death
ICRP 2007 risk coefficient* 1830 450
ICRP yearly 4400 1100
50 years 132,000 32,000
ECRR adjustment yearly 176,000 44,000
50 years 5,280,000 1,280,000
Death not caused by cancer** 5,280,000 1,280,000 44,000 88,000
50 years 5,280,000 1,280,000 1,280,000 2,560,000
  • * Risk occurrence: 10,000 person-Sv
  • ** According to a book ‘Chernobyl: Consequences of the Catastrophe for People and the Environment’ by Alexey V.Yablokov, ratio of death caused by cancer and not by cancer is 1 to 1.

Fukushima Radiation is Now Spreading to Tokyo and Eastern Japan

The child thyroid cancer which were commonly seen after Chernobyl accident is being found even around Tokyo area after several years from 3.11 Fukushima accident in 2011.

Severe illness such as various cancers, leukemia, and cardiac infarction are increasing too at alarming rate.For some people, immune system has also weakened due to radiation effects, and the conditions of their chronic disease or common cold are worsening.
Therefore some people from Tokyo have evacuated to safer places.
However Japanese government (and main media) continue to ignore the effects of Fukushima radiation even though the radiation level is still dangerously high.The government have recently lifted evacuation orders for the restricted residence areas and cut housing subsidies for evacuees, forcing them to believe it is safe to return.

Therefore some people think it is nonsense to evacuate from Tokyo area and believe the evacuees are over-reacting.Many of the evacuees are feeling very isolated and are living in poverty after moving to safer locations, forcing some to return to the contaminated area against their will.

About 45 million people still remain in contaminated metropolitan area in Tokyo.But many people are started feeling very ill one after another.In fact many of my friends living in Tokyo or Eastern Japan have collapsed from numerous illnesses over these years.

It has proven that an increase of serious illness was seen four-to-five years after 1986 Chernobyl meltdown and hundreds of thousands of people lost their lives.

Now we are facing the same situation in Tokyo and eastern Japan.

Fukushima radiation problem permits no delay.We need to encourage people in Tokyo and Eastern Japan to evacuate to safer places to protect their lives.

In order to fight against the inhumanity of the Japanese government toward lives of people and uncover the fact of radiation effect in Japan, it is urgently needed to spread the information like this to the public.